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To continiew with the Art of Recycling theme, I wanted to share a few more jaw-dropping recycled arts made out of reclaimed wood . Log Bowls These gorgeous Log Bowls , designed by Doha Chebib Lindskoog from Edmonton-based design collective Loyal Loot combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state. They are handmade using only unwanted waste wood - trees that have fallen in storms. This reclaimed... Read more
If you think there is no use for shattered CDs, you are so wrong. Just have a look at the insanely detailed razor sharp animal sculptures created by artist Sean Avery , who is using shattered CDs , as his choice of medium.

When Cars are Repurposed as Furniture

This sofa is a fully functional piece . The rear of the sofa is provided with a recycled cooling equipment. The front of the sofa... Read more
I had no idea there was such a thing as a Book Art . But recently, I've been seeing a lot of images of amazing Book Art popping up all over the web. One that really caught my attention was a book with butterflies bursting out of it. Creativity at its best!

I did some research and it turns out that this book has a fascinating story behind it.

Called the "Book Of Life", it was inspired by the... Read more
I recently saw this fascinating fashion and textiles exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM) called BIG. As they say on their website "The newest ROM exhibition showcases textiles and costume that, in their own remarkable way, are BIG … BIG in size, BIG in historical importance, BIG news, created by a BIG name, carry a BIG price tag, and so on."

ROM's extensive collection... Read more
Many artists strive to develop their own artistic style or a new technique through years of study, experiments and commitment to their artistic expression. Some actually succeed at that. Here are a few fascinating art technique that were invented not too long ago. Filumizm, Lacy Surface Patterns Artist Igor Ryazantsev works in a unique art technique that he invented and patented in December 2011. He works with... Read more
Recently I spent a few days in San Francisco. Walking through the Fisherman's Wharf, I stumbled upon an Art Gallery featuring work of Rodney Lough Jr , an award-winning landscape photographer .

I don't think I've been inspired by someone's work so much in a long time, as much as I was walking through the gallery.

All Rodney's photographs have incredible vibrant colors that just illuminate... Read more
Once in a while I come across things that have a surprising effect on me, like the Solipsist , a visually stunning experimental short film by Andrew Thomas Huang.

After watching the video, I felt inspired, amused, and slightly disturbed. Those things crawling over girls faces were pretty awful and I still have guy's odd painted face/canvas stuck in my head.

The movie is incredibly odd and... Read more
Every year around Christmas I pickup my camera and walk around the city trying to capture some nice holiday and winter shots. Unfortunately, this year we have no snow in Toronto and it doesn't look very Christmasy outside right now.

Actually, it was so warm this December that my plants on the balcony didn't freeze and I still see flowers when I look through my balcony door. :) That's not the Toronto... Read more
I was in Bermuda last winter for a vacation. Bermuda is beautiful, but beside sandy beaches, turquoise water and great restaurants, you can also find a few places full of local art and crafts.

Bermuda Craft Market is a great place to visit. It's a thriving co-operative, where you can watch local artists at work. You can also buy their beautiful creations, like glass works, hand-painted pottery,... Read more
Many people hate posing for pictures at weddings etc. But I know for a fact that many photographers hate taking wedding photos too. As a photographer, you try to catch people at their best, even though everybody is drinking and often is acting silly at weddings.

In Michigan the entire bridal party fell into the lake after stepping onto dock to pose for pictures. Imagine being a photographer at that wedding!... Read more


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