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Posted by: Maple Leaf

I was in Bermuda last winter for a vacation. Bermuda is beautiful, but beside sandy beaches, turquoise water and great restaurants, you can also find a few places full of local art and crafts.

Glass works at Bermuda Craft Market.

Bermuda Craft Market is a great place to visit. It's a thriving co-operative, where you can watch local artists at work. You can also buy their beautiful creations, like glass works, hand-painted pottery, beautiful silk screens, glass jewelry, decorative paintings, metal sculpture, needlework, quilts, shell art and much more. 

Pottery, Bermuda Craft Market.

The Craft Market is located at the old building, which used to be a warehouse, in the Royal Naval Dockyard. It offers the largest display of locally-made products under one roof.
Some of the materials used there are Bermuda cedar, ceramics, glass, wool, wire, paper and banana leaves.

 Glass Creations, Bermuda Crafts Market.
We did a lot of window shopping there, as some of the crafts are quite expensive, though most of the items are sold duty-free.  I've got one of those cute glass dolphins there, as a nice souvenir from my trip.
What souvenirs do you usually buy on your trips? Where did you see the best display of local art and crafts?
Glass Dolphins, Bermuda Craft Market.
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Dec 23, 2011 | SarahMars

Cool shots. Love the first one!

Dec 20, 2011 | Maple Leaf

No, its not a jellyfish :) It's actually a glass work that was hanging on the ceiling of the Craft Market, where artists were blowing glass in front of the crowd. It was fun to watch.

Dec 20, 2011 | Ahkriti

What beautiful pictures of Bermuda! That first that a jelly fish? really an upclose click you got there!

Last winter we went to the Dominican was one of the best vacations. It was an on the spur of the moment plan with friends, got the best deal and voom we were basking in the sun...10 days for bliss!

With little kids-I have not had a great time shopping. My usual stuff is to get back fridge magnets and knick knacks.

The last time we went to Hawaii, I was not into jewelry designing, so I bought a lot of jewelry there and bought through the nose!

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