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Mother's Day Jeweled iPhone Case (1 of 4)

Rock Mom's world on Mother's Day with this easy (just takes time) to make Mom's iPhone case.
You will need:
Plain Hard Plastic iPhone cover (soft flexible does not work well)

E-6000 Glue
Gem Pick Up Tool Like "Quick Stick" or a Wax Pencil to pick up tiny gems.
Flat Back Gems in a couple sizes and colors
Flat Back Pearls
Cabochon trinkets
This is where the fun comes in. What is your theme? You can buy bags of plastic rose or carnation cabochons
Start by laying out your large trinket pieces on your iphone case until you like the placement.

Glue those down with E-6000. If the trinket is an adhesive plastic sticker make sure you peel off all of the adhesive back before gluing down as adhesive stickers would never hold up to the iphone use.

Next start filling in your gem background.
Take some E-6000 on a toothpick and spread out about 1/2-1 inch area. Do not spread more than 1 inch as the glue dries too quickly.

Use your gem pick up tool or wax pencil to pick up a gem and start placing them. I like to spread out a variety of the gems on my work surface so I can pick up random sizes. Like a puzzle you will have to think about what size works best along corners etc. Decide if you want a pattern (like the border of the phone case), or random. I think in some ways the pattern is easier than random.
As you fill in an area stop and take a look to make sure you like everything before moving on.

Continue until your entire front is covered.

Let the cover dry for the evening, or at least an hour or so before continuing down the sides.

Lay out a few gems on the side to find the best placement for the narrow width before gluing down. Again this is like a small cross stitch, it takes some time, but when you place that last gem on, just rocked your iphone or Mom's iphone!

Let your cover dry for 24-48 hours before using or giving.
Submitted by: OhLaLaBride
Apr 19, 2012


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May 15, 2012 | OhLaLaBride

Wow... I won, I am surprised, nicely surprised. Thank you to all that voted for my case.

Apr 29, 2012 | Ahkriti

That is a very pretty case. Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us!

Apr 29, 2012 | Fairy Cardmaker

I have seen a lot of these around! They are certainly popular. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Apr 29, 2012 | Craft Boutique

Great idea for Mother's Day!

Apr 24, 2012 | LisaGold

Love it! Gorgeous!

Apr 19, 2012 | The Knitting Lady

wow, this is so glamorous! Beautiful present for a modern mom :)

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