Someone made an actual golden compass?!

Posted by: Lyra Pappin

Golden compass, Japan.Although it’s probably not what author Philip Pullman had in mind when he wrote it, a Japanese jeweler has created an actual golden compass, which is worth 30 million yen ($281,400) .  

A pure 18-carat gold compass inspired by the movie “The Golden Compass” starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig enchants with its craftsmenship.

Designed by Japanese jeweler Tanaka Kikinzoku, this golden compass weighs 31.5 ounces and measures 8.3 cms in diameter. It took one-year for seven veteran artists to engrave flimsy letters and numbers on it.  

Although the company says they have no plans to sell it, 12 year old Johnny C. was quoted as saying he’d be willing to trade his Harry Potter wand for it. :)

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