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Posted by: Lyra Pappin

It's hard to keep track of where nerdism turned to cool and back again, but American artist Andrew DeGraff figured out a way to sort it out - create maps of movie worlds. 

So, you'll never get lost flying your Jedi Starfighter and you won't have to be a slave for Jabba the Hutt. FINALLY.

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Andrew DeGraff | maps
Andrew DeGraff was born in Albany, N.Y. during the last days of disco to a Mets fan and a teacher. ...  Read full story
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May 11, 2013 | Lyra Pappin

That's pretty awesome - thanks for sharing!

May 8, 2013 | Fairy Cardmaker

I just had to add, Game of Thrones has used a 3D map of their fictional world as the intro to the show with cool gears and stuff that raise the cities/castles as they are presented. It's brilliant. AND - so brilliant, The Simpsons spoofed it for the beginning of one of their episodes and it was really well done. (You can Google for it!)

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