Fake Dali?†Thatís even more absurd than his work!

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Salvador Dali with his wild cat, ocelot.The author of a new book, "Dali and I: The Surreal Story", claims that many of Dali’s current work on display are actually fakes. According to Stan Lauryssens, in his later years, the painter authorized assistants to produce thousands of forgeries in his name, in order to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Apparantly, Lauryssens himself has courted controversy in the past: he claims to have penned faked interviews with Hollywood stars for a Belgian magazine before entering the world of art dealing.

In a less surprising story, many art critics recently revealed that they, too, often make up everything they say. :)

Read full story: Many Dali works are fakes, claims former art dealer

"Cinquenta Imagenes Abstractas" by Salvador Dali

Cinquenta Imagenes Abstractas by Salvador Dali

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