Christmas Tree Decorations - Guide to Christmas Decorations 2011, Part 1

Posted by: Justine Benstead

Reindeer Ornament Holiday PhotoEvery November, people seem to mention how quickly the year has gone by.  In the blink of an eye, Halloween becomes Thanksgiving and holiday music serenades you from every store speaker.

The process of getting all the Christmas decorations out of storage takes the better part of a day for some (me), so it’s time to get started!

For Christmas decorations, 2011 could be the year you turn over a new leaf (or pine needle!) and get an early start with your Christmas tree decorations and everything else holiday-related. 

For the next several weeks, we’ll talk about Christmas decorations, holiday hints, and everything from the office Christmas decorations to Christmas home wall décor to the eggnog. Today, let’s start with Christmas Tree Decorations.

If you want to go handmade, shy away from the great deals that big retailers have to offer. Which may be hard as you do your other shopping because, let’s face it, they do have great deals. So my first suggestion is…

Manger Photo Holiday, Xmas tree decor.Mix and Match Christmas Tree Decorations

Bring old and new together with a fusion of your favorite inspired DIY Christmas tree decorations and some good base finds at a local retailer.

The best time to shop for Christmas tree decorations is really during the sales the week after Christmas, but since you are only going to need some to act as fillers, pick up some generic balls in the colors of your choice. The rest of the Christmas tree decorations can be a mixture of handmade pieces created from cardboard, spray-paint, glue, and string.

Personally, I love a white and silver Christmas tree. If you like that idea, you could buy white balls and twinkle lights, and create your own silver snowflake ornaments with supplies from the local craft store. And if you are really crafty, I suggest…

Handmade Angel Christmas tree Ornament.Handmade DIY Ornaments

If you are a true artiste, as they say, buy some plain glass balls and use your paints and skills to create delicate winter wonderland masterpieces for your Christmas tree decorations. This iCraftGifts.com seller offers some inspiration with photographs of beautiful DIY Christmas tree decorations - a dainty reindeer and a manger scene, pictured above.

Hand-painted Christmas tree decorations create a very elegant look, especially when paired with white twinkle lights.

Alternatively, you can sew your own ornaments, like the fun pom-pom bears pictured on the left.

But not all of us have the skill or the space for DIY ornaments. In that case, consider…

Keepsake Christmas Decorations

If you’re anything like I am, you have a pile of Christmas tree decoration boxes, filled with family ornaments that are near and dear to your heart but not your style. Think your great-grandmother’s somewhat creepy Santa figurines, your daughter’s somewhat discernable holiday artwork.

A lot of people just mix it all together on one confused-looking tree, but for a bit of a cleaner look, consider getting a second, smaller Christmas tree to put upstairs or in another area of the house.

Display all of the keepsake Christmas tree decorations on that. Or, you can consider a purge of outdated or unwanted Christmas tree decorations and keep only a few of the most sentimental items to mix in with your own look. A few special pieces bring your unique touch to the Christmas tree decorations.

The angel ornament pictured above is a classroom-project keepsake from the late 50’s that has graced many Christmas trees. So keep a couple of precious handmade ornaments to mix in with the rest!

And speaking of precious family keepsakes…

DNon-traditional Christmas tree decorationsIY Christmas Decorations - Family Photos

The walls, desks, fridge and every other surface in the house are fair game for family photographs, and one fun way to personalize a tree is to decorate it with your picture!

You can buy photo frame ornaments or create some with Popsicle sticks, ribbon, paint, and glue. Just print out a few small photos and turn your tree into a gallery of family moments- and don’t forget the pets! You can also consider giving these DIY Christmas tree decorations as a personalized gift to the grandparents. An alternative to photos is a family-themed ornament, like the "Grinch" one pictured above.

Most importantly…

Make It Your Own

These are just a few base suggestions for you to start with. Customize your tree and don’t be afraid to keep it traditional with red and green or create a personalized purple masterpiece like the one pictured to the left.

Whichever look you choose, your Christmas tree decorations should be a fun way to reflect your family and your style.

Have you put up your Christmas tree or Christmas tree decorations yet? Do you use handmade or store-bought ornaments? Share your thoughts and creations in the comments section below!

Look for some another Guide to Christmas Decorations soon. In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!


Pom Pom Christmas ornaments.


Photo Credits:

Reindeer Christmas Tree Decoration, 8 x 6 Photo Print and Manger Christmas Tree Decoration, 8 x 6 Photo Print by Maple Leaf

Pom Pom Bear Christmas Tree Ornaments by JLYC Handcrafted

Purple and Silver Christmas Tree decorations, Handmade Angel Christmas Tree ornament and "Grinch" Christmas tree ornament by Justine Benstead

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Nov 20, 2011 | Posted by: Ana Nok

These are great decorations. If you are looking for an alternative Christmas tree to showcase your ornaments, I recommend checking out Festive Tree which creates beautiful wooden Christmas Trees.

They are not in stores, but can be found online at www.festivetree.com

Happy Holidays!

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Justine Benstead
Tampa, FL, US

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