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These designs by LIE - Little Ideas Every Day - are meant to inspire and brighten up every day by smashing inspiration with reality.

Colour me impressed? Read more
Here's a twist on avoiding junk food: setting fire to it. Maybe these will IGNITE interest in a new diet?

Hmm... maybe not. They still look pretty good. Read more
Yes - that is Madonna.

The stars came out for the Met Gala and everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian was there, decked out in things that are either high fashion or fashion made while high.

Any favourites? I think I actually gasped when I saw Kimmy K.

Original story: Met Gala 2013: See All the Red Carpet Looks
It's Met Gala night! Fashion's biggest red carpet of the year! As the stars roll up... Read more
This great concept all started with a kid's drawing of a stick man.

Whoever comes up with a way to create custom human men, let me know. Read more
Check out these cuddly, creepy, gory goons from 'littleinkstain' who also has great illustrations and more perfect combos of fun and weird that are sure to give you the sweetest nightmares. Read more
We dare you not to love Canadian John Atkinson's collection of fun, smart cartoons that he draws with his right hand, despite being left-handed.

Check 'em out and tell us your favourite. The "Caber-net" one is, um, not at aaall accurate! :) Read more
So, that latest gadget you got - how about aging it 100 years and showing it off? That's what Japanese artist Maico Akiba has done to our fancy gadgets, almost like new-age time travel. Also strangely reminded me of what that necklace from Titanic might look like today... Read more
I can pretty much guarantee that this collection is much better than the classic "Dogs Playing Poker" painting your uncle's got hanging in the basement. Read more
Things I thought might happen before fannypacks made a comeback:
- The Chicago Cubs win the World Series
- Carrot Top has a hit movie
- Hell freezes over

But somehow, the impossible has happened. Do you like this trend? Read more
It's hard to keep track of where nerdism turned to cool and back again, but American artist Andrew DeGraff figured out a way to sort it out - create maps of movie worlds.

So, you'll never get lost flying your Jedi Starfighter and you won't have to be a slave for Jabba the Hutt. FINALLY. Read more

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