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The craze for all things vampire resurfaces this fall and winter, baring its fangs with a call for romantic, mysterious, layered, passionate clothing that flatters the cold season. New TV series Moonlight, and the vampire book trilogy by Stephenie Meyer or the return in soundtrack popularity of Mazzy Star, the quintessential vampire music, are resonating in the consciousness of the runway with spiked booties,... Read more
Friends, Romans, countrymen (and women), lend me your feet. Whether you are willing to face it or not, a revolution is afoot. Literally. A storming fury of foul footwear has swept the nation and these plastic pedial pockmarks must be stopped! I speak of the bewilderingly ubiquitous Croc.

Crocs have equally fervent supporters and haters, including a website dedicated to bringing Crocs down –... Read more
The perfect party dress? Check. Fabulous matching shoes? Check. Impeccable make-up? Check. An eye-catching piece of hair jewelry? “Hair jewelry?” you hear yourself asking. Don’t let yourself walk out the door without this important finishing touch. From runways to the red carpet, fashionable hair accessories are making lasting impressions and gaining in popularity, especially as we gear up for a... Read more
Designer clothes are not for the weak at heart, nor for weak wallets. When it comes to fashion, there are certainly no shortages of ways to spend money, but where does all this money go? Is it all about cache, or is there truly something special about the designer garments that justify their high cost?

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. I myself have had $300 jeans fall... Read more
Fashion is known for its fickle nature. New looks, accessories and “must haves” dominate each season and trickle down from runways to shopping malls to our closets. The urge to be stylish and have the most current look is hard to avoid. We are constantly facing a barrage of pretty faces and fun outfits on TV, magazines, and ads, which just feed the beauty beast!

Although little modifications are made... Read more
Each year at the Toronto Film Festival, Canada opens its arms to Hollywood’s most stylish stars. Toronto now rivals its neighbour to the south as the Glamour Capital of North America. Canada’s home-grown acting talents have been cutting memorable figures at many of the world’s haute fashion events. The success of television show Smallville is due in part to the pulling-power of lead Canadian... Read more

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