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If you've made a cool 3D print, sculpture or just want to copy a figure, mask or anything really all you have to do is to create a mold . For this I only use Smooth On products becasue of the quality and simplicity. I like to use Mold Star 30 becasue its a 1 to 1 ratio of the part A and part B mixtures and it has a 30 mixture working time. After you pour in the silicon mold mixture it will full set in 6... Read more
What is the best glue to use for 3d printing?

Bonding sections of 3d prinited PLA plastic together may be a discovery process for new creators. PLA is not like ABS or any other type of plastic. Acetone doesnt effect it. The typical super glue wont bodn to it. I know when I first started I tried the normal glues and epoxy from the local hardware store and I had many issues with parts falling off or coming a part... Read more
Before you start on your 3d printing journey you have to accept a couple of things up front .

You have to be ok with fixing issues all the time, having prints fail, spending a lot of time on Youtube watching troubleshooting videos and being open to learning on the daily. There's a learning curve for sure but after a month or so if you're dedicated to learning the ins and outs you'll be well on your... Read more
Problem - My 3d printer will not extrude filament.

1. The hot end nozzle is too close to the print bed not allowing the filament to flow.

Solution- adjust the bed level down to allow filament to flow.

2. The filament spool and a snag therefore not feeding filament through the extruded.

Solution- inspect your filament roll for snags. Always secure loose filament through the keep holes

on the spool when not in... Read more
If you are interested in how a 3d printed cosplay prop is created, follow along to see how a full size prop is created from start to finish. Follow the evolution. This isnt a step by step instructional guide, more of a visual stage by stage of the creation.

(Full size cosplay prop - The Magmagat from Call of Duty Black Ops 4)

First thing you have to do is print your body sections. Depending on the size of your... Read more
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Hi There. We are Quinn Goods. Our company consists of a family of video game enthusiasts. We have a group of members that have unique abilities and the love of creation. We started creating video game weapons for Birthday and special occasions because there really wasn't a market of products available for that. We got really good at what we were creating so we tested it on smaller market places and the demand blew up and we grew to what we are today. Now we operate a shop of many 3d printer and art supplies running at full time, every day to be able to produce highly detailed video game props within days of purchase. We like to give back and share info and dyi strategies as we come across the scenarios and challenges ourselves. With as many 3d printers we have running every day we have a ton of troubleshooting and creation tips to share. We've created a lot of different cosplay type props and accessories so that's another area we'd like to share some info in. We'll see what we can contribute. If we can help we are all in with this blog.

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