The Best Glues to Use For 3d Printing Assembly

Posted by: Quinn Goods

What is the best glue to use for 3d printing?

Bonding sections of 3d prinited PLA plastic together may be a discovery process for new creators. PLA is not like ABS or any other type of plastic. Acetone doesnt effect it. The typical super glue wont bodn to it.  I know when I first started I tried the normal glues and epoxy from the local hardware store and I had many issues with parts falling off or coming a part later. The last thing you want to happen to your awesome prop or build you've just created is for it to fall apart when its dropped or tinkered with. Below I'll list some good and bad options for bonding 3d printed material together.

1. BSI or MeTra now insta cure super glue


This super glue is the strongest and fastest curing glue I have ever used. Withing 30 seconds you'll have a completely bonded for life material. The issues with this glue is the availability. You can order online but if your trying to find a local place to pick it up I think Hobby Town is the only store I have found within the US. If you have some time to order online I highly recommend this glue. They have a gel type or gap filling version that set a little longer that is a good option if you don't want run off for a thin super glue. Run off can be a issue with the super thin version. 

2. JB Weld/ Kwik Weld Epoxy

This Epoxy is great too but it takes about 6 minutes to cure enough to not have to secure the peaces together and it takes an hour to fully cure. Some time the peaces that you're bodning together arent shaped in a way that you'll want to clamp or secure the peaces together for any lengthy time frame. If you do have the time and epoxy is a good fit for you I recommend this epoxy. 

Every other type of glue or epoxy that I have tried has given me issues. I'll list below the glues or epoxy products that I don't recommend. 

E-6000 Glue. Just not strong enough and takes forever to cure. 24 hours later and most times the material isnt fully set.

Gorilla Glue. Whether its the super glue or epoxy Gorilla Glue doesn't work well with PLA plastic. You just don't get the type of bond needed. 

Super Glue brand Super Glue. Doesnt bond well enough to creat the chemical bond needed. 

Loctitie Thin Super Glue. Just not strong enough. The chemical bond doesn't adhere to PLA well enough. 

That's it. Just a quick read and reference for PLA bonding. I'm sure as 3d priting grows in popularity there will be glue or epoxy products designed to chemically bond specifically to PLA but we arent there yet. The 2 produts I receommended above are really the only products we use in our shop now becasue failure is not an option especially when we have paying customers expecting their video game props to stand the test of time. Visit our blog for more 3d printing tips and visit our store to view our full size video game props and toys. 

- Quinn Goods

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