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E! Online has selected 10 of the best Oscar looks ever, in advance of the awards this Sunday. I will personally be wearing track pants for the Oscars but now I feel bad about it because these dresses are amazing. Penelope Cruz and Mila Kunis are my favourites... maybe I'll wear a purple sweatshirt in their honour.

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Twenty-two thousand square feet of cutting-edge unguents and elaborate treatments where no limb will ever go untanned, no lash unenhanced and no hair will escape being tweezed, dyed or lasered into submission.

That's "Beauty Bazaar" at Harvey Nichols, just opened in Liverpool, a hyper-grooming on a scale not many of us have seen. Would you try it? Or a better question, could you afford it? :)... Read more
If you want to know whether something is fake or not, it isn’t the brand that gives it away, but where it’s made. The source of these imitiations is primarily Korea, Hong Kong, and China.

Finally mass production comes in handy! :)

Apparantly, the copiers produce such realistic copies, the Tokyo Customs staff are not qualified to make a determination about whether a particular good is genuine... Read more
High fashion is no more? Casual is the new cool? What's the world coming to when fashion can be comfortable?

Why even bother changing out of your pajamas at all? That was the sentiment behind the spring men's collections that wrapped up recently in Milan, Italy.

Men have turned their backs on the "metrosexual" look in lieu of a more comfortable, rumpled, and supposedly "manlier"... Read more
Ruslana Korshunova, just 20 years old, appears to have jumped to her death in Manhattan's financial district. The sad news has shocked her friends and family, who saw Korshunova as a kind woman, climbing the ranks of the fashion industry after gracing covers of French Elle and Russian Vogue.

The pal said that Korshunova had just returned from a modeling gig in Paris and seemed to be "on top of the... Read more
Honestly, what is up with this woman?

After being convicted for assaulting police officers at Heathrow airport in April, supermodel Naomi Campbell failed to show up for a runway in Sao Paolo, Brazil's Fashion Show for the summer 2009 swimsuit collection.

Who keeps hiring her? Are they fashionistas or sadomasochists?!

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Barack Obama describes himself as a "down-to-earth guy", but how many down-to-earth guys can say that they've inspired a fashion collection?

Donatella Versace has made her vote, on the runway, at least. Calling Barack Obama the “man of the moment”, her latest 2009 collection in Milan is inspired by the charismatic politician. Her collection style she said was designed for "a... Read more
After the passing of French fashion designer Yves St. Laurent, many items will be auctioned off at Christie’s, including designer's clothing and jewelry representing nearly every decade of his career.

I saw some of the items, and you know what? Something tells me there’s potential for this kid! :)

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The New York Fashion Week provides a glimpse into the upcoming trends for the spring. Style editor Bobbie Thomas says that feminine dresses, minimalist tones, and well-tailored clothes are in.

"The trend to tone down and tame volume continues. Big and baggy will be replaced with traditional tailoring and more body-conscious silhouettes. Even relaxed pieces with a loose feel will most likely be cinched... Read more
For both men and women, the low-rise pant is an ultimate dis-ass-ter. I used to be of the opinion that once you are out of high school, there is nothing worse than strolling around with a permanent half-moon on display. I say, “used to” only because I now think it is truly unacceptable no matter what your age is. I’m pretty sure learning to dress yourself includes pulling pants up to... Read more


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