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If you are like us then you have several wrapper, paper towel or toilet paper rolls that are thrown out on a frequent basis. Well, I decided that with two young boys we could definitely find other uses for them that were fun and helped us repurpose.

Several rainy days prompted us to get really creative so we were glad we had them on hand!

Make a tunnel/ramp for cars

Just find a nice high place to prop... Read more
When I first laid eyes on Amanda from BlinkKids creations I was drawn to her adorable animal pillows. You can tell that she is full of creative ideas and I was so excited to find out a little bit more about her. Amanda specializes in sewing for kids .

Tell us a little bit more about yourself. My name is Amanda and I live by the ocean in a cute little house on a farm in Delta BC with my wonderful... Read more
Because I have two small boys I am always on the lookout for fun craft ideas we can easily do together that they will also enjoy. Of course, it needs to have very few steps and be something they are interested in. My youngest son is intrigued with airplanes and exclaims, "Plane!" every time one flys by. It is so adorable! So, I wanted to create a craft with the boys that was airplane themed.

What... Read more
Matthew and I decided to start a garden the year our first son, Graham, was born. He is now five and enjoys helping us with it each year. We originally started the garden in order to provide ourselves with fresh food and save money. What we are discovering is that this garden is providing us with much more than just nourishment. It is supplying our children with an appreciation and respect for the environment... Read more
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