Crafter Interview: BlinkKids

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Amanda from Blinkkids, Delta, BC

When I first laid eyes on Amanda from BlinkKids creations I was drawn to her adorable animal pillows.  You can tell that she is full of creative ideas and I was so excited to find out a little bit more about her.  Amanda specializes in sewing for kids.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

My name is Amanda and I live by the ocean in a cute little house on a farm in Delta BC with my wonderful husband and two kids, Brooklyn 5 and Lincoln 4. 
I have a very busy but satisfying life. When I'm not running the kids to school or doing daily house and farm chores, I enjoy creating new things in my studio, gardening, planning parties or events, rearranging or redecorating my house (yes that happens often!), baking new recipes I find on pinterest and shopping for new fabrics and supplies! 
When did you first start sewing and what prompted it?
I started sewing (on a real machine) when I was about 9 or 10, before that I had a plastic kid's (toy) sewing machine, and before that I use tape or a stapler to "sew" my projects together. I had always been super crafty from the first time I discovered glue and markers and I always wanted to create new projects even if the only materials I had were from the recycling bin. Eventually, my grandma gave me her old sewing machine and a bag full of scrap material. She showed me how to use it, and from then on I sat in the basement sewing various projects and gifts for people. 
What are your favorite items to create?
I love creating things for preschool kids because that's the ages that my kids are now. They are pretty much my inspiration for a lot of the things I make and that way I can watch them get used. They are like my guinea pigs! I like creating all my different bags because I have such a big variety and use so many different fabrics!  
Amanda from BlinkKids with her family
Your animal pillows are adorable!  How do you come up with ideas for your projects?
I like different themes, especially when it comes to decorating bedrooms. And so in my "Blink @ Home" collection, I have created different items based on various themed rooms and I find inspiration for the different themes just from life around me; nature, books I read to the kids, events we go to etc. The owl pillows I made at the time we had snowy owls on the beach outside our house! The monkey/giraffe/elephant pillows I made just after we went to visit the zoo! 
What do you do when you are not sewing?
We live on a farm so there is always things to do and it's great to be outside especially when I spend so much time inside my studio! I love gardening, this year I have planted a massive fruit and vegetable garden, as well as several flower beds. I like to go for walks and bike rides with the kids and explore new beaches, lakes and parks we have never been to. I also teach various classes on crafting including paper crafts such as card making and scrapbooking. I love to entertain and so quite often I will host barbecues, playdates and tea parties at our home. 
Crafter's Studio, Amanda from BlinkKids.
Have you had the most success selling online or offline?
I would say I've had more success offline. I have great relationships with my customers at craft fairs and markets, and I find a lot of my other customers come to me through word of mouth. 
What advice would you give to others who are thinking about creating and selling online?
Take great pictures of your products and give really specific descriptions. The first thing I do in a store is pick up or touch a product and since we're unable to do that online, you need to create an illusion like the product is in my hands. I also think that a good selection of items is important so you can draw in as many people as you can.  
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