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I hear it's a wedding season! Tons of women, under pressure. Planning, fitting, negotiating, crunching numbers and tweaking last minute details! Well, here are some iCraft goodies that will help your decision making.

Hand Crafted Ivory Satin Ring Pillow With A Lovely Applique , by Dreams of Avalon :

Satin Wedding Box Card - Tiffany , by Wrap Artist :

Silver Plated Beaded Toe Ring , by Siljewel :... Read more
It’s that time of year again, where commercially we tell the ones we love that we love them! We all know we don’t need one specific day to do this, and most of us do it on a daily basis.

Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, and for those who work full time, scrambling to leave work to meet your honey for a romantic dinner, you end up paying for over-priced food and sitting in a... Read more
As the year winds down, we gear up for the holidays. We shop, cook, wrap presents, bake, host and attend holiday parties, work events, and decorate the inside and outside of our homes. December is always a whirlwind of activity. Through it all we find ourselves with paper cuts from wrapping presents, flour in our hair, last minute RSVPs that make you re-jig the dinner table setting. And the dreaded mall parking... Read more
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