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I’m fascinated with lotus flowers. Also called water lilies , these flowers have deep history in Asian, Egyptian and Indian religions. I’ve always known that lotus flowers symbolize perseverance, having to grow through dark muddy waters to finally bask in the sunlight. The growth of the seedling is a symbol of overcoming struggle and a fierce determination. A concept we may all identify with at... Read more
For anyone who's owned a dog, you know what the phrase "man's best friend" really means. I didn't know what it truly meant until I got a dog 4 and a half years ago. Her name is Penny. She's a 4 year old Shih Tzu with a lot of spunk. Like any dog she loves to play and knows exactly how to look at me to get me to play with her.

When I first got her one of the first things I was told... Read more
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