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I have always loved bright, shiny things and as a child collected all sorts of pretty stones, shells, and beach glass. I still have many of those cherished objects.

Beads have fascinated me for years and I have been embellishing clothing with them for a long time. I made my own wedding dress and beaded the bodice and sleeves in a vine and leaf pattern.

In my professional career as a dentist, I work with my... Read more
Are your walls bare and boring? One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your home’s décor is through the strategic placement of framed artwork.

Can’t afford a great painting – or even a good print? Get a little creative, and watch your walls come alive.

Start with some interesting “art.” It doesn’t have to be made by a professional; why not raid your... Read more
Children can get overexcited and eager for Christmas and this can leave parents worn down in an already stressful time. A great way to help kids enjoy the holidays is by taking some time to help them express their creativity and get them feeling involved in the process of Christmas, not just the presents! Here are 10 crafts that you and your child will surely enjoy creating together.

1. Light Bulb Penguins or... Read more
The sun might not be shining but that doesn’t mean your creative spirit can’t be out in full bloom. Whether you want to engage your children in some artistic exercise or simply relax in your home, these easy crafts are sure to brighten even the gloomiest day.


Candles quite literally brighten up your home. Making your own candles is a simple and environmentally friendly activity... Read more
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