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The New York Fashion Week hosted Laura Bush’s healthy heart campaign, which encourages people to think more about doing things that are good for their health.

Heidi Klum and other models and celebs danced down the runway in red dresses to show their support. Then they went back to their dinners of steamed lettuce and Cristal. Read more
The Japanese have a long history of craft making and for the fourth year in a row, crafting firms have travelled to Paris to sell their historically valuable pieces. I was on the lookout for the earliest crafted computer design, but was surprised to find mainly bowls and things. :)

Read full story: Japanese crafts 'glocalise'

Read full story: The Japanese have a long history of craft making and for... Read more
The Welsh Arts Council is losing 3.5 million pounds to the 2012 London Olympics, which must be extremely annoying to them since they aren’t exactly known for their sports stars.

The only famous Welsh person I know is Catherine Zeta-Jones, although she would look pretty good in those track outfits.

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With the longstanding tradition of Texan fine arts, it’s no surprise that the Board of Directors for the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts is expanding its project and raising the fundraising goal from $275 million to $338.

It’s unclear if they plan to drill for oil or sell novelty cowboy hats to raise the cash. :)

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Apparent Politics + Arts aficionado John Holden, ex-member of the UK Parliament, imparted some little known knowledge on OCAD students today; namely that politicians and artists don’t mix .

His lecture advises those who wish to support the arts should appeal directly to the public. Does this mean I have to get a “No Solicitors… Unless You Are Appealing Directly To Me For A Cultural Arts... Read more
Shockingly, Britney Spears has someone giving her fashion advice . Less surprisingly, the ever responsible Spears hasn’t paid the stylist for her services for the past few months and now she’s being sued. I wish that meant she’d been dressing better, but she’s probably just mourning the days when a fashion faux pas was her biggest crime. (Photo credit: www.voici.fr) Read more
An international exhibition of new media by artists with disabilities will be on display in Washington’s World Financial Center Courtyard from Feb. 5 – March 16. It promises to change your perception about disabilities and reveals more about the role of new media in the art world. Unfortunately, the 9-hour performance video of me trying to draw a straight line didn’t make the cut. :)

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