How to use Bulk Products Importer

The Bulk Products Importer tool provides you with a mechanism for importing all your products into your iCraft store from other online marketplaces, like Etsy, Ebay, Artfire etc.

First, create a CSV file of your listings on Etsy or on other sites that offer this functionality.

Second, go to our Bulk Products Importer page to upload your csv file.
Once you do that, you'll get a message telling you to come back to check on your upload progress within the next 48 hrs.

The system will email you and also post an update for you on the same Bulk Importer page letting you know if your products were successfully uploaded or not.

If there were any issues 
with the file upload, you will be notified by email of what needs to be changed in your file, so you could try to correct the problem, and then re-upload your file again.

If your products were successfully uploaded, you'll be instructed to check all of those imported listings and add missing fields, like holidays and intended audience, among other things.

It's important for your to clean up your listings and preview them to make sure they look good to your buyers, before making them "Live".

Initially, all your uploaded items are placed "On Hold", so you need to manually activate them one by one.



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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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