How to upload similar products faster. (Clone feature)

Our Clone feature allows sellers to upload similar products faster by creating a new product listing off of an existing one.

To start using it, please upload at least one product that could be used as a base for all others.
Then go back to Edit Product page and scroll down to where you see a link to "Clone this Product".

Clone item feature.

When you click that link, our system will create an identical copy of the item with the word "Clone" in the Title. We'll also place that product "On Hold" until you make some changes to it (replace images, update Product Title, Description, Quantity etc.).

It's important to make enough changes to your listings, so they don't all look identical. That might be confusing to users and that's something that's not well recieved by Google. Read How to avoid Duplicate Content penalties

As a last step - change the Status of your Product to "Live", once you are happy with your listing. Make sure you Preview it before making it public!


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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


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