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Autumn is upon us, and that means it's almost time for Halloween! Although Halloween is typically thought of as a "kids' holiday," sometimes it's the adults that get most excited about it. Picking a Halloween costume is the most important part, and it's easy to stand out in a crowd when you DIY your costume! Anyone can pick up a generic costume-in-a-bag at the local big box... Read more
Instead of creating an elaborate Halloween costume and going to a party, we decided to check out the Halloween Parade in downtown Las Vegas and gawk at everyone else's creative costumes!

This year the participants really outdid themselves. Downtown Las Vegas is normally chock full of slightly odd people, so add to that Halloween costumes and it makes for a very entertaining evening :-) Just to set the... Read more
Coming up with a new and exciting birthday gift every year can be quite a challenge. Certain milestone birthdays, like a 30th birthday, can be even tougher since they hold so much meaning.

This past summer, my sister and I threw a fantastic 30th birthday party for our cousin, and close friend, Michelle as our gift to her. Sometimes, giving someone an experience is better than any gift you could buy. :-)... Read more
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I've always been very crafty and love creating things for friends and family. Since getting engaged in December 2010, I've been creating all kinds of fun things for my wedding and want to share with other brides-to-be! I am excited to share my ideas with the iCraft community and hope to inspire others to tap into their craftiness :-)

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