Inspiring Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume and Decor Ideas

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Autumn is upon us, and that means it's almost time for Halloween! 

Although Halloween is typically thought of as a "kids' holiday," sometimes it's the adults that get most excited about it.  Picking a Halloween costume is the most important part, and it's easy to stand out in a crowd when you DIY your costume!  Anyone can pick up a generic costume-in-a-bag at the local big box store, but putting together your own brings out your creativity and can be a super fun family project. 

Here are some ideas for Halloween Costumes 2018

I have a serious sweet tooth, so when I came across this Halloween costume idea online I fell in love.  What child wouldn't want to dress up as a cookie?  All it takes is felt, stuffing and some basic sewing skills.  Super easy afternoon project and the variations are endless!

Halloween Costumes, Cookie Costume

This is such a fantastic idea for a baby Halloween costume or a little boy or girl's Halloween costume!  The tutorial can be found here: chocolate chip cookie costume by amber dusick

Naturally, I also like the idea of dressing up as a candy...  which would be super easy to DIY.  Just get a bunch of balloons and a few clear garbage bags and the whole family can be bags of jelly beans, gumballs or Skittles! A great tutorial for this can be found in Country Living magazine.

Halloween Candy Costume

Easy DIY Halloween Home Decor

This year, my sister and I decided to do more "adult" decorations.  Adding a little bling to some pumpkins makes gorgeous centerpieces...you can pick up fake pumpkins at any craft store, which means they will last from now until way past Halloween! Try spray painting a couple gold or silver and pick up pre-made rhinestone designs that you can stick right on to the pumpkin.  Grab a glitter pumpkin and make it classy by using a stencil and cutting out a monogram.  Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations rolled into one....gotta love the multi-purpose decor :-)

Halloween pumpkin decorHalloween pumpkin decor

If glitter and bling aren't your thing, go black and white.  Spray paint a fake pumpkin white and cut out or paint your name (or your child's name!) on it.  The white pumpkin below has my adorable nephew's name on it and a couple of plastic spiders complete the creepy Halloween look. You can also do a fantastic tablescape with some mini pumpkins, black roses, and yellow caution tape!  Raid your local dollar store and you can find great accessories to complete your look.

Halloween pumpkin decorHalloween pumpkin decor

Halloween wouldn't be complete without candy!  Large apothecary jars make candy look almost too fancy to eat...

Halloween Candy Jars

I have to thank my sister, Amy Maher, for going absolutely over the top with Halloween decor and proving that a sophisticated Halloween is possible!  The best part about all these DIY projects is that you can save them and use them every year--until you decide to create new ones!


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Oct 10, 2011 | BeeTeeLee

cute costume, i can't wait til my baby grows big enough to go around trick or treating.. so i can eat his candies too =)

Oct 7, 2011 | Ahkriti

That's a very cute outfit for halloween! Not sure whether I will be going all gungho this year for halloween! Too many festivals happening at home.

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