The glory of Nature

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In the last week there have been two tornados in the Toronto, Canada area, an earthquake in Virginia, USA that was felt from Atlanta to Central Canada, and now a hurricane has pummelled the Caribbean and is making itself felt along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. This is on top of a spring marked by tornados in the Midwest that killed 141 in Joplin, Missouri and caused billions of dollars of damage across the central and southern States. The summer brought flooding in Mississippi and the Midwest, while heat waves and wild fires raged in the Western States and across Canada.

Mother Nature, it appears, has been having some bad mood swings.

Yes, it can be ruthless but it is important to remember all the beauty that there is in our natural world. The artists on have created wonderful paintings, photos and prints that celebrate the loveliness of our natural surroundings; exquisite landscapes that are a joy to behold.

Ocean Colors, acrylic abstract, framed Kingfisher water color painting Sunset at Algonquin Park, photo print
Sumptious acrylic abstract depicting ocean waves. Comes framed. $525.00 USD Original watercolor painting of a white collared kingfisher, set in a vibrant jungle. $15.00 USD  Evocative sunset amid the forest, overlooking a lake. Phot print. $250.00 CAD

If your taste in art lends itself more to jewelry, there are many choices for those who wish to revel in nature’s glory

Silver leaf necklace Real Butterfly Wing Necklace Heart necklace - cottonwood leaf
A lovely leaf design decorates this silver necklace with blue apatite gemstones. $65.00 CAD Carry nature with you as you wear this pendant made with a real butterfly wing $40.00 USD A cottonwood leaf is dipped in silver to create this heart of a necklace. ON SALE $34.00 USD
Cocooning nest ring Garden Carved Yellow Jade and Green Acrylic Earrings Flower pin
Inspired by nature, this ring feature a bird with a nest and three white glass pearl eggs. $53.00 CAD Garden fresh earrings made with carved yellow jade flowers and green acrylic beads. $12.99 USD Made from discharge-dyed black silk, this pretty flower pin will brighten any outfit. $14.00 CAD

Nature can have its fun and practical side too, as these products show.

Flower coaster set Owl laptop decal Tropical dream centerpieces

Mini coasters feature chrysanthemums. Perfect for a summer table $20.00 CAD

This wise owl is nestled among the cherry blossoms on this lovely laptop decal. $26.90 USD 10 small Tropical Dream centerpieces to brighten any event. $125.00 CAD

While Nature its showing us it more ferocious side right now, it is important to remember the beauty and splendour it more often shows us. Thank you Mother Nature... now can you relax and take it easy on us? Thanks!

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