My summer tribute

Posted by: PetiteTuques

With summer coming to a close, I thought it appropriate that we could look back and see what we will be missing, for example, ice cream cones.

Chocolate is my personal favorite.



Dragonflies... pretty sure they bite, so I won't miss those.


 Lovely flowers... I try to grow them every year and all I end up with are weeds. But this year the neighbor across the street  has a sunflower I can look at.

I like butterflies. They don't make noise and they are really beautiful.


I did get to go to the beach a couple times, which is more than last year! But alas, my beach is fake and doesn't have shells. I'll have to visit PEI again, soon!



I am going to miss all the drinks that I seem to only drink in the summer. Kool-Aid of course, Lemonade, Tang.. You've got to get some tang..



I am especially going to miss those late nights outside, eating marshmallows and smores.


Can't forget about the long walks with my two little boys. We always end with playing at the park. And a banana popsicle. :)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my fond memories of summer! I hope you had some fun too!


Thank you to all the icrafters who made items to reflect the beauty in the world. 


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Jul 27, 2010 | Fairy Cardmaker

"Butterflies... They don't make noise and they are really beautiful."

Yes the silent part is a big plus! Butterflies are meant for quiet moments in peace and tranquility.

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Petite Tuques (aka PetiteTuques )
Cowansville, QC, Canada

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