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After 8 years of marriage, Valentine’s Day has become more of a challenge.
Before kids, it was easy to take the whole day off and go do something fun, eat at a favourite restaurant, watch a movie. It's actually only in the past two years, that I've taken the time to do something meaningful for my husband. It's not all about me, right?

My husband is a typical man. He likes electronics and cars... Read more
With summer coming to a close, I thought it appropriate that we could look back and see what we will be missing, for example, ice cream cones.

Chocolate is my personal favorite.

Dragonflies... pretty sure they bite, so I won't miss those.

Lovely flowers... I try to grow them every year and all I end up with are weeds. But this year the neighbor across the street has a sunflower I can look at.

I like... Read more
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Petite Tuques (aka PetiteTuques )
Cowansville, QC, Canada

About me I am a 28 years old wife and mom to two boys. I am short ( 5”0) but that doesn’t stop me from thinking big! I realized my creativeness when I became pregnant for the first time. I had an “Aha” moment when I realized I could make my babies something special and treasure it after they grew out of it. If you want superior quality, fashionable designs, then look no further! Get involved with the creative process and don’t settle with cheap, thin yarn that falls apart after a few outings. Go to my shop now!

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