iCraft Style Roundup: Wrap Bracelets

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One of the fashion trends this summer and going into fall are the wrap style bracelets and watches.  Not only do they make a gorgeous accessory, but they become a statement piece that often garners comments and questions from friends and strangers alike.  

leather wrap bracelet

There are several different styles of handmade wrap bracelets using various materials.  The beauty of them is that you can wear the bracelets in different ways to create fun new looks.  You really are not going to go wrong no matter how you wear them.  Choose bold colors or neutrals to suit your outfit and your taste.  Just remember, bold colors are on trend this fall.

Chen Jewels offers several different versions of the wrap bracelet using leather as her medium.  Want to express yourself with words?  Go with the Dream charm wrap bracelet in a fun baby pink suede leather.  Pink can easily go with many different colors and make for a bold look.  Looking for something a little more neutral?  Check out this gorgeous camel colored bracelet.  The accent pieces make this bracelet go from boring to daring.

Multi strands leather wrap bracelet

Beads can also be a great way to dress up any outfit and create a more classic look.  

Black beads wrap around to meet a gorgeous silver clasp on this beaded wrap bracelet from YogiBead.  I can see these easily transitioning from day to night in order to accent your summer or fall outfit.  Keep in mind when you accessorize with large pieces you may want to scale back on earrings or go without a necklace.  Less is definitely more.

However you decide to wear them, a wrap bracelet is a great piece to add to your accessory collection if you are looking to own a few key pieces.  

What is your favorite way to accessorize?

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These are quite charming :)

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