Holiday Season 2018: Decor and Color Trends you need to know

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The Holiday shopping season 2018 will be here before you know it. Shoppers begin making holiday purchases as soon as October and most shoppers already know what they want. Thanks to researchers that report on seasonal trends and opportunities, we can address shoppers' interests and make this Christmas the most successful.

Adapt these market trends insights that will help your store stand out, whether you decide to add a new item to your Holiday collection, infuse your next photo shoot with some festive spirit, or add some extra sparkle to your listing!


Holiday Color Trends 2018

To walk you through the Holiday Season 2018 color trends, we picked research provided by Tracy Hazzard - a high valued professional designer.

You can check out the slide share for more detailed information and inspiring color combination ideas.


For a quick recap, this is the Holiday Season 2018 color palette that you are looking for this winter:

Pristine White (Pantone 11-0606)

Graphite X  (Pantone 18-0000)

Warm Silver (PANTONE 14-4107)

Ultra-Velvet Violet (Pantone 18-3838)

Red velvet Pear (Pantone 19-1536)

Black Forest Green (PANTONE 18-5025)


*Pantone is the universal color-coding table.


Holiday Decor Themes

There are several Holiday Decor themes on trend:

Watch this 55-minute video of decor ideas for inspiration:



A quick recap on Holiday Season 2018 Themes Trends:

1. Scandinavian style minimalistic winter décor

The Scandinavian decor style is the most trendy interior decor style of the last few years. Nordic-inspired winter decorations are minimalist and eco-friendly, made with natural materials. Scandinavian Christmas decor uses simple geometric shapes, such as stars and triangles. Black and white and shades of grey are the Scandinavian style of the Hygge interior decor color palette. Bring the Nordic winter wonderland to your Christmas home decor!

2. Rustic Farmhouse including vintage and old things

Farmhouse neutral winter decor and rustic winter decor are the most popular home decorating trends for now. The Farmhouse interior decor style usually uses old things and retro furniture to make vintage flourish in your home.

3. Winter Natural Décor and nature craft

The eco-friendly decor style is still popular. Organic winter decor style uses nature’s materials, such as walnut shell, acorns, pine cones, natural stones, coffee beans, evergreen and fir branches, fresh and dried herbs, and rosehip and berries. Organic winter decorations are the best way to decorate your eco-friendly home and go green: nature handcrafted winter decor, organic winter wreaths, winter decorated candle holders, and more winter crafts from natural materials.

4. Recycled / Upcycled winter décor

Winter crafts made from waste materials are the big decor trend for the last few years. You can find collections for recycled craft ideas from wine bottles, wine corks, mason jars, plastic bottles, and more upcycled winter decor.

5. Alternative trees

One more eco-friendly winter decor trend is handcrafted Christmas trees from cheap and unusual materials, instead of real fir trees and pines. Make alternative Christmas trees from reclaimed wood, cardboard and paper, wine corks and wine bottles, junk things, tin cans, wood pallets, old thread wooden spools, fabric, old jewelry, and more. Other DIY Christmas tree ideas with waste materials you can find in this video.



If you would like to know more on which items are expected to be in high demand during this holiday season, read our article about Top 30 Handmade Christmas Gifts with High Demand

We hope, you like the material that will help you find the right themes direction for this Holiday season!

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