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With so many friends pregnant lately I am in the baby shower planning mood.  I really love the idea of a gender reveal party.  It is a nice way to surprise family and friends when so many are finding out the gender these days.  Here are a few ideas I have seen that I think are absoultely adorable!

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Gender Reveal Cake

I had a friend who decided to do a gender reveal cake.  All you have to do is bake a cake with either strawberry cake mix or vanilla and add blue food coloring.  Decorate the top of the cake with both pink and blue question marks to give it a fun look.  Have grandparents or a close family friend take the first cut of cake to reveal to the rest of the party goers.

Boy or Girl Pins

Place pink and blue pins on counters near the front door as party goers enter.  As the guests arrive have them select the color they think the gender will be.  This can be a fun game for everyone to start guessing.  In the end the ones who guessed correctly could win a small prize.  Make sure to take a picture of each "team".

Pink and Blue Themed Treats

Include plenty of pink and blue treats at the shower that are the same item (cake pops, M&M's, candies, etc) and tell guests to only put on their plate the color associated with the gender they guess the baby to be.  It can be fun to see all of the heaping plates of pink and blue and guess back and forth with other party goers.

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Gender Reveal Balloon Box

This idea is not only fun for kids, but makes an excellent picture!  Just gather up the biggest box you can find and about 24 helium filled balloons of the color associated with the baby's gender.  Place the balloons in the box and tape it closed.  Head outdoors and let party goers or older siblings open the box together and watch all of the balloons fly out!  Make sure to snap pictures because they are going to be great keepsakes!

Did you find out what you were having when you were pregnant?  If so, how did you share the news with your friends and family?

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Baby booties from Microsoft Clipart and pink and blue hand painted shower favors from JefferyBelk

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