Fun Facts About Gemstones, Part 2

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Artisangirl here again with part 2 of Fun Facts About Gemstones!  Check out my first article on Gemstones.

The first stone featured today is one of many in my private collection, although I haven't used it much lately in my creations:






Chrysocolla...A balancing stone that has the highest evolved form of the color turqouise. Believed to be an emotional balancer: connects Earth to Sky and brings peace to the mind and heart.





Citrine (Quartz)




Citrine (Quartz)...Golden light of the Earth...ancient folklore has it that it's a good stone when one needs to feel confident and secure. Best stone to use to accomplish important matters and see them to completion.







Clear Quartz Crystal...clarifies the mind... this clear white light will amplify, transform, refocus and align one's electromagnetic force field; a powerful tool for healing the body, and dispels negativity.




Fluorite...The genius stone




Fluorite...The genius stone...for the advancement of the mind. It stregthens its user's analytical abilities and is useful for theorizing and assimilating information. It is also believed to ground excess energy and produce calmness.






Garnet...The intuition stone...Has beneficial effects on the pituitary gland. Ancients believed this stone to vitalize and regenerate bodily systems especially the bloodstream. Also, enhances the imagination and is symbolic of love and compassion.


Hematite...A grounding stone


Hematite...A grounding stone...Good for oxygenating the blood, promotes circulation. Used as a protection stone. Ancient warriors wore it into battle to keep from being mortally wounded.  Also believed to enhance personal magnetism, optimism, will, and courage.




The beginnings of creating a new piece


Jade...The dream stone...Guardian of peace, tranquility and harmony of spirit. Helps to counteract stress and restore balance. Jade can be used to prevent disease and health troubles. Ancient Mayans wore jade amulets to guard against kidney and bladder problems. In ancient China it is believed to prolong life. Also believed to have money-attracting properties.





Last time I showed the beginnings of creating a new piece from the latest shipment of wire and beads that I had received.....well here's the finished piece!!!





    Finished long chain charm necklace


Tah - Dahhhh!  I had loads of fun creating this long chain charm necklace, (I did several revisions and ended up with two slightly different versions), but making each of the links for the handmade chain proved to be pretty hard on the wrists and palms of my hands, anyway, check it out at my icraft store...Hope you like it !!!


Artisangirl signing off now...much luv!

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