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Husneara Begum of Feroza’s Jewelry creates beautiful handcrafted one of a kind pieces that simply sparkle. Using a range of gemstones, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls, combined with sterling silver, vintage brass and filled gold, her creations are stylish and dazzling – with enough glamour to make you feel like you are walking a Red Carpet even if all you are doing is walking down the street.

Please tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a grandmother of four and mother of three kids with a passion for creativity. All my life I have enjoyed expressing my creativity in various forms. Whether writing poetry, creating batik, making cloth dolls, sugar crafting to make cakes, or simply making a meal for my family - I enjoy the process of making something beautiful. My latest passion is making hand crafted jewelry, which I have been doing for three years.

Aquamarine quartz onion briolette earrings

Your shop is called Feroza’s Jewelry – does that have any special meaning?

It is my middle name.

How did you get started producing crafts?

Even though my educational background is in literature, I have been producing various types of crafts all my life as a hobby. For the jewelry I am making now I took a couple of courses, to learn new techniques. In recent times the internet has been a great source of information to learn from as well.

Purple stalactite slice and amethyst necklace

Tell us more about your philosophy regarding your creations.

I design jewelry from my heart, and only make the pieces when I am enjoying the work. Mostly, I use gemstones, pearl, gold filled, and sterling silver. I collect my materials from different sources, and let the materials inspire me when I am designing the jewelry.

Citrine briolette with tulip ear wires

Do you use any special techniques?

I enjoy wire wrapping and chainmaille techniques. Chainmaille, from the French, is jewelry made with small metal rings, linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Very much like chain mail armour, but even more beautiful as jewelry.

Bird nest necklace with pink pearl

What do you think about services like iCraft? Do they help you get the word out about your jewelry?

I mostly sell online though I may participate in craft shows once or twice every year.

My business is almost entirely online, thus services like iCraft are essential. Beside various online marketplaces, I use social networking media like Facebook, Twitter and Indie Public to connect with potential customers.

Shaded purple natural zircon, crystal briolette and hand-forged

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about becoming a crafter?

For anyone who wants to become a crafter, the most important point to remember is to have passion for that specific craft. Trying to become a crafter, people may face various issues. All the issues can be dealt with as long as the passion is there!

One other important point is that online presence is mandatory for all crafters, whether they are starting new or have been crafting for a while.

Paraiba blue quartz and labradorite necklace

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful jewelry pieces with us, Husneara.

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Sep 21, 2011 | Ahkriti

Absolutely beautiful creations! Love her work!

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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