ChenJewels Creates Charms for Love, Luck and Hope

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Like many artisans, Chen got her start by making pieces she loved for herself.  She soon began giving her friends her handmade goods as gifts and quickly started receiving requests from her friends, who wanted to give the jewelry to their friends!  In 2010, Chen transformed her hobby into a professional occupation and founded ChenJewels, through which she sells her fashion jewelry worldwide to boutiques and fashion stores, as well as in online markets.

Wrap braided charm bracelet

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I live in Israel, a mother to 3 wonderful kids.

I believe that the small things around us, make us happy. To see a new flower in my garden, to have a coffee with a friend, to get out from the house in the morning and to see the sun, etc. If we can appreciate all these small things in our world, we become better persons.

So, I love to have my first coffee in the morning near my flowers in my garden,  and think about the things I have to do that day.

A sunny day fills me with joy and the energy to take some photos of new jewels I've made, a wintry, wet day sends me to my seat in my studio to create new jewels, while listening to the music I love.

I believe that all women want to look good and be well-groomed. I decided right from the beginning that my jewels won't be expensive, so that everyone who likes them can afford to buy a bracelet or a necklace.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am a very curious person and have a wide imagination, so many things inspire me. Nature is the main part of my inspiration and this is why my jewelry is made with natural materials combining stones, crystals and charms (which are the chic touch) exactly as flowers bring the nature - vivid and colorful.

white suede wrap bracelet

What type of design elements do you use in your jewelry?

I believe that especially in these days, people constantly need something that will give them hope, expectation for good, even better and luck.

This is the main reason I decided that my jewelry will contain charms with positive symbols. In every jewel that I create, there is at least 2-3 charms for good luck, for example The Hamsa that protects from evil eye, heart for love, key for life, etc.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about trying to become a crafter?

To be a crafter you have to have the passion. It's a job that means many many hours of working.  Love what you work on and be addicted to the crafts you create.  Then comes the part that many crafters do not like - the marketing........ I think it's not enough to create things, it's also important to know how to market them and make people to buy your crafts.

What is your favorite material to work with?

I love leathers, many shapes, braided or smooth, flat or round and of course many colors of leathers. When I touch the leather I start to imagine what jewelry can be made with it and what to combine it with.

What is your favorite item you've ever made?

Oy, it's like to ask a mother what child of yours you love the most............ I love everything I create and if I don't like it, I simply put it out on a hidden place far from my eyes.

If you had a million dollars, what's the first handmade item you'd buy?

I don't want to have a million dollars, I think it will make me sleepless...
bikini model in necklaceWhat else do you want readers to know about your jewelry?
I always try to make a varied collection. Some jewels are delicate and feminine while others have a strong presence which says: "here I am."

I always stick to the main rule I decided on right from the beginning – not to make too many jewels from same design but always to think about innovations – something new and creative. I always refresh and renew my shop with new jewels.

Did you know?

My jewelry was chosen to be worn by the You Are the Supermodel series hosts.  They love my bracelets and necklaces, and you can see one in the photo to the right.

Also, the Moods Magazine featured a bracelet of mine, which can be seen below.
moods magazine layout
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