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As we approach the now very close big day, no doubt the majority of us have the main aspects covered, the tree, the presents and well stocked food cupboards. Sometimes, I find that I want to add those extra finishing touches to the decor, but amongst all the things that put our lives into overdrive over this very busy period, it’s hard to take the time out to make everything happen.

This final week before... Read more
The artwork of Roberta Murray’s shifts and changes before your very eyes. Each image’s narrative, seems to move sideways and flicker, then aligns to suit your personal gaze. Through the use of texture, form, and light, Roberta creates images with a rich tapestry-like depth. The resulting forms are images with a nostalgic, fairytale quality as though taken at a different time or in a different world.... Read more
The American Crafts Council is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1943 by crafts pioneer Aileen Osborn Webb. Webb had a vision of contributing to world peace by uniting the craftspeople of the world. What a great thought!

The mission of the Council is to promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. Their primary goal is to explore how to be the bridge, linking... Read more
The Crafts Council is an independent body funded by the Arts Council of England. Established in 1971 as the national agency for crafts, it was granted a Royal Charter in 1982 (this is a Royal seal of approval and grants the institution special privileges for its excellent contribution to the country). The Council is like a pioneer for crafts; promoting the teaching and studying of contemporary crafts within... Read more
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