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Everyone is familiar with the clichés about the art world. Some are good and some are bad, most are amusing, but which ones are true?

We can never be sure which of the Art Clichés we’ll meet in galleries and at shows, so let’s take a tongue-in-cheek glance at the folks you might encounter when you step into The Artmosphere.

The Slob

Usually a painter or maybe a fashion... Read more
Do you love painting but find it intimidating to begin? If you are new to painting, it can be overwhelming to face a blank canvas, but it isn’t just novices whose wells of inspiration run dry. Many seasoned pros, hobby painters, and artists in general, can suffer the same setbacks.

Whether you call it a dry spell or maybe “Painter’s Block”, this can affect more than your paints and... Read more
Can art be used as a method of therapy? Many people believe that expressing creativity through artistic pursuits can lead to a greater understanding of oneself as well as reducing stress and improving emotional stability.

Although many people use art as a therapeutic tool for personal and private fulfillment, many in the psychological community believe that structured art therapy is a great way to improve people... Read more
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why a particular piece of art elicits an emotional response. There are endless combinations of images, shapes, and forms that can comprise creative output, but one thing they share in common is the use of color, or the absence of color, in the case of black and white works.

Color psychology offers an explanation about how we respond to art by delving deeper into what the eye... Read more
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