Why Acrylic Stamps are Awesome

Posted by: Fairy Cardmaker

Rubber Stamping has been around for hundreds of years.  I tend to have a preference for red rubber cling stamps, but I’ve found myself reaching for my clear acrylic stamps lately by Close to My Heart (CTMH). 

In fact, I have used them all on my most recent creations!  I've tried a lot of acrylic stamps before because they are easy to place.  Since they are clear, you can look through your acryic block and the stamp iteself to see where you are placing your image.  That's a big time saver when you are stamping!

However, there is a great range of quality in acrylic stamps
The cheap ones tend to squish easily, which makes for blurry images.  Not CTMH!  Theirs are surprisingly sturdy for acrylic stamps!  Let me walk you through my current favourites and maybe you will find some inspiration to try these stamps for yourself!

My favourite set right now is the Card Word Puzzle.  There are SO many sayings that can be created from this set and the extra images are useful too.  If you are a card maker, this is a true "choose your own adventure" set!


I used “Happy” and “Birthday” in a straight line along with the giant flower on this birthday card.

Here, the words are arranged one above the other.  Since all the words are separate, you can arrange them however you want!

I made the mermaids for the Kards for Kids fantasy card challenge for children at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.  So, of course, I had to make something for the boys too.  CTMH sentiments to the rescue again!  Here, I used the sentiment and the butterfly from the set called “A Tree”.  Here is the set:

Look at that lovely swirly tree.  It’s absolutely captivating.  This is a small set, so the price is outstandingly affordable.  Acrylic stamps tend to be less expensive than red rubber.  That’s a bonus too!

Here is how I used it.  I paired it with an image stamp from High Hopes rubber stamps.

Want to try some?  My consultant is Sheri at Sheri Says, “Just Scrap It!”.  You can get your CTMH Acrylic Stamps from her online web store!

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May 3, 2013 | Sheri CTMH

Thanks for showcasing these 2 awesome CTMH stamp sets. CTMH MyAcrylix stamps really are awesome, and you've used them to make some gorgeous cards. I love your red flower and how you combined the A Tree set with that adorable dinosaur to make a boyish card. Nice job!

May 2, 2013 | JaJeJems

I never thought about the advantage of being able to see through the stamp to place it properly. I have avoided using stamps because I am afraid that I won' t get it centred or straight. You have made great use of them in your cards for a very professional look.

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Scrapninny (aka Fairy Cardmaker )
Mississauga, ON, Canada

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