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Recently, I had a conversation with a few friends where we discussed what makes some products popular and others not. One of the things that we all agreed on is that what we all react to the most is the unusual-looking products. For some reason, the more weird and strange product design is the more appealing it is to people. I wonder why...

One person was into knitting and the advise that was given to her is to think of something else than baby booties to knit, something unusual, like a tie or an apron, though I am sure that has been done already, but you get the point. Personally, I think you should make whatever makes you happy. Even baby booties can be fun and unusual.

Anyway, I've decided to look for an inspiration online and here are a few products that stood out for me.

Fun Animal Socks

Lisa Grossman made these awesome knitted shark-themed socks. Unfortunately, they are not for sale yet.

This is not an unusual, but definetely a creative and fun pair of Green and Red Pom-Pom Slipper-Socks that you can buy on iCraft for about $50.00 USD.

Green and Red Pom-pom Slippers
Crocheted Mermaid Tail blankets

There are quite a few I found online in different sizes and configurations from blankets for babies to adults.
Below are Mermaid Tail blankets by Melanie Campbell. It can be pulled up to the waist, or even over the shoulders for ultimate all-embracing experience

Or what about this adorable and somewhat practical Baby Mop outfit? :)

Apparently, it started out as a joke. A Japanese spoof advertisement for a baby outfit with a mop attached so that parents could send little crawlers out to clean their floors. "Saturday Night Live" took the joke to the next level when they ran this commercial for “Swiffer Sleepers.”

But then -- poof -- the Baby Mop became a real thing. For $40, you can buy a onesie that doubles as a cleaning tool from BetterThanPants.com.

Baby mop

Unusual Wedding Products

Or this I Love you vinyl record wall clock that you can buy on iCraft for $45.00 USD.
 I Love you vinyl record wall clock home decor design art

Adorable Miniatures

Singinh Mouse Miniature, $40 USD

Kitty in Love Miniature, $12.95 USD

Fun Products for Pets 

Catnip "Tea bags", $3.50 USD 

So what do you think? Dos these products ignite some creativity and inventiveness in you? What are the most unusual product designs have you seen? 

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