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Back in my corporate working days, I wore business suits on Monday through Thursday. On Friday it was business casual. About every two weeks (payday…yay!!!) I would make the trip to our local shopping strip mall to find a suit, dress or blouse, etc. that would be appropriate for the office environment. But here’s my frustration in shopping, it was difficult to find the “perfect match”. What do I mean by that?

For example, when looking for a business suit, I would have to look all over the store to find the jacket, skirt, pants, or blouse that would match to create a set. In my mind I would often think, why I am spending so much time looking for clothing items to match a specific jacket?  Sometimes shopping for a complete matching suit set was like playing a game of “hide and seek”. Remember, the childhood game where someone would hide and then you would run all over the place to find them? In shopping for that perfect match, it would make more sense (and easier on my feet) to have clothing options sold as a set or available as a collection. 

Available options are one of the features that attracted me to the iCraftgifts.com website. As my inventory grows, I am excited to utilize the “Product Sets” feature. In setting up my online shop, this came to mind when creating and listing my knitted products for sale. As an example, when I create a knitted hat or an ear warmer headband, I will also create a matching scarf or fingerless gloves. Another example of “Product Sets” are my summer tote bags with the option of matching summer headbands.

For now, my corporate dress days are behind me. However, I think the game of “hide and seek” is fun, but not when searching for that perfect match 😊!

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