Teddy-Bear Angel - iCraft "Elemental" Challenge: The Wind

Posted by: Fairy Cardmaker

Here is my challenge entry for the iCraft blog challenge for The Elements: The Wind.  I knew I wanted to make something with wings and, when I thought of the wind, I thought of blue skies and white clouds.  Once I chose those colours, it just looked so baby boy to me, that I had to make this teddy bear in to an angel, so that I could have something winged and connected to the sky.

Voila - a Teddy-Bear Angel Baby Card!

Teddy Bear Handmade Angel Baby Card.

I have been meaning to make a new teddy-bear die cut for about half a year.  I've had this fellow sketched for about 2 months and, finally, he has taken form!  Challenges go a long way to motivating me to craft.  I love seeing how many different items can come from the same theme!

My shop specializes in handmade cards, because I believe the written word is precious.  It is rare - no, not writing itself, although it is coming to that in our high-tech world - but YOUR written word.  Your handwriting is as unique to you as your voice or your fingerprint.  It gives you presence in a room, that can be a thousand miles away.

This baby card was a joy to make and, I hope, a joy for someone to receive one day!

Now, show me your creations, that fit our first challenge: The WIND.

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Jun 1, 2010 | Posted by:

What a cute card!!!

You make your own dies? Wow sounds very technical. :)

Lovely post! Thanks :)

Submitted by:

Scrapninny (aka Fairy Cardmaker )
Mississauga, ON, Canada

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