Swing into the Summer with Wood Tree Swings

Posted by: Nicole Gibson

Hello iCraft family! 

We are featuring yet another amazing iCraft store on our blog today. This store specializing in wooden swings which are all designed and handmade in North Carolina. Wood Tree Swings offers a wide range of products that are perfect for toddlers, kids, and adults; allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors around them. 


One of the most popular selections in Wood Tree Swings’s store is their Cherry and Maple Swing. This is a classic plank style swing crafted with real Cherry and Maple wood for the seat. Swing as high as you can on this Cherry and Maple Swing! It is sure to become a staple in your yard for years to come.


Another quintessential item in every backyard is the Classic Tire Swing. This swing has been carefully constructed to reduce the chances of finger injury by threading the rope through the tire and secured with a wooden block. The design of this tire swing also comes equipped with a seating board for more comfort and enjoyment.


The Sun Burst Cherry Toddler Swing is a perfect introduction to swings for the littlest members of your family. This swing has a fabulous design that mimics an adirondack chair while maintaining a high standard of safety for your child.


Looking for a different style of swing? Check out the Charred Appalachian Disc! This disc style swing is made with pine wood and charred with heat. The unique design of this swing allows for rotational movement which is sure to pique the interests of all the neighbourhood children.


The final swing style designed by Wood Tree Swings is the Spinster Tire Tree Swing. This swing is made with recycled car tires and the rope attaches in three places along the sidewall of the tire. At the top of the swing there is spinning hardware that allows for hours of whirling fun. 

In a world that is obsessed with all things technology, Wood Tree Swings offers a fantastic outlet for everyone to reconnect with nature. Thanks for reading this blog post and be sure to check out their beautiful products that are a fantastic addition to any backyard or porch!

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