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Hand stitched table cloth.I was walking through Metro Hall this spring and noticed an Exhibit of interesting clothes and housewares.

At first I didn’t realize that all items on the exhibit were from the 19thcentury Serbia. Exhibit was called “Then and Now” and was presenting Serbian culture, tradition and lifestyle in rural areas. You could view numerous authentic items from the 19th century to present time - magazines,  clothing, shoes, household and decorative items, coins etc.

I’ve noticed the simplicity in design and the attention to details, that crafters paid to at that time. I didn’t know about this, but apparently, Serbian fashion was largely influenced by Turkey, due to centuries-long Turkish occupation of Serbia.

What surprised me is that a lot of clothing and household items on the Exhibit didn’t look dated to me. I’d imagine my mom wearing some of those knitted sweaters even now and I wouldn't mind using those wooden spoons in my kitchen.

Serbian fashion and culture exhibit in Toronto.

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