It Takes Time to Build Your Nest – A Lesson Learned in Creating an Online Store

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On a cool morning in June, I was sitting in my sunroom knitting the next product for the upcoming Christmas holidays. The weather was a nice relief after the hot and humid days we had been experiencing earlier in the week. I looked up briefly to glance at the backyard and saw something amazing… mother nature in the works!

Two birds were creating a nest in one of the garden arches that is covered with climbing roses. I associated the process of these “love birds” with the process of creating an online store. In my mind this is how the story goes: I assume the pair of birds needed to find a location to create their new home. I associated this thought with finding an online marketplace to display my knitted products (iCraftgifts.com).

Once they decided this area of the backyard was the ideal place, they needed to build their nest. I associated this process with creating and building an inventory of quality handmade knitting and sewing products. And this is when I realized these little birds were teaching me a lesson – building a business like building a nest takes time.

I carefully approach the nearby window to get a closer look of the new residents. One of the birds was patiently sitting in the unfinished nest tucked deeply within the branches of the climbing roses. I was wondering what was happening as the nest was too small. Also, I was concerned that the bird would fall through the openings in the arch. I associated this scenario with being one small seller among many in the open online marketplace.

Suddenly, the other bird flew up and added a tiny branch to the nest (ahh teamwork)! This reminded me of the generous support I have received and continue to receive from everyone in my pursuit of establishing an online business. Over the next few hours one of birds continued to sit quietly in the unfinished nest (monitoring the product, perhaps?). The other bird flew quickly back and forth with small sticks and leaves carefully and tediously building their future home. I was fascinated by the dedication of these birds to complete a finished product to be enjoyed by them both and their yet to be family.

Early the next morning, I anxiously wanted to check on the progress of the nest. Through my sleepy eyes, the nest appeared to be completed. However, one of the birds continued to build upon their home by adding more sticks and leaves (ooh, the joy of home improvement 😊). I associated this passionate and tireless act with the awareness that continuing to improve upon your product is an ongoing process.

As an online seller, it is important to understand and utilize the necessary marketing tools to help grow your business. As such, I am beginning to realize that starting any business has it many challenges - just to name a few:

  • Marketing (attracting customers)
  • Products (displaying and listing inventory)
  • Creativity (unique ideas)
  • Other participants (competitors in the marketplace)

So, what did I learn from my new backyard friends?
Well, I learned to be patient and passionate about the work you love to do AND never give up! As the day lingers and I continue to work on my current knitting product, I am reminded of this. I take another look out the window and say to my new backyard friends, thanks for the inspiration and welcome to your new home!

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Jul 22, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Hi Ms. Raines! Well it was a very pleasant experience :) The weather was very nice only 87 degrees. I met some very talented people and handed out a lot of business cards. The overall feedback was very positive. People liked my work and I even had a sale! I will say that setting up for a craft fair is so different than setting up products online. But I am glad that I did it and I will probably do it again! Every chance I got I spread the word about the iCraftgifts website...(yay). Oh and thank you for asking about my first craft show too!

Jul 22, 2019 | MsRainesSewingRoom

Hi Shelly,
How did your craft fair go this weekend, nice to see you!

Jul 21, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Thank you 😃

Jul 16, 2019 | CreativeXpression1

Hi Shelly,
As a writer, just would like to say your anecdotal analogy is wonderfully inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to write it and even more so for sharing it with us here on iCraft!! Blessings ~ Rita

Jul 13, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Thank you :)

Jul 13, 2019 | MsRainesSewingRoom

Hi Shelly
Thank you for sharing the update, Good luck at the local craft fair : )

Jul 12, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Update…what a coincident! This afternoon I finished my last knitted item for the upcoming local craft fair. And as I was packing up my supplies, I noticed that the baby birds were born this afternoon too. Two completed tasks in one day...lol 😊

Jul 8, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Thank you 😊

Jul 7, 2019 | LisaGold

That's an interesting analogy, Shelly! It certainly takes patience and dedication to build a successful business online.

Jul 5, 2019 | Shellys Handmade Creations

Thank you MsRaines for the supportive feedback! Have a wonderful weekend 😃

Jul 5, 2019 | MsRainesSewingRoom

Hi Shelly,
I love your Blog, what a great comparison. I almost weekly get discouraged and think about throwing in the towel, so Thank You for this. What a Lovely Blog

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Rachele (aka Shellys Handmade Creations )
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