Egg-straordinary Easter Crafts

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Easter is a perfect occasion for spending some quality family time dying eggs and doing crafts. If you didn't think dying and decorating Easter eggs can be fun, check out the craft projects below.

Easter Eggs

The photo above of most beautiful coloured eggs was taken by KurtFML on Flickr.

Here is how you can make your Easter eggs look like they have leaf prints
To get this beautiful golden-brown color - boil your eggs in the water with onion skins.

Leaf print on Easter Eggs.

Painted Eggs

Here some more ideas for painted eggs. See instructions on

Painted eggs.

Crocheted Egg Covers

Unfortunately instructions are in Russian, but there are a lot of images illustrating steps on

Crocheted Egg covers.

Crocheted Egg covers.

Wrapped Eggs

Or try wrapping plastic Easter eggs in brightly colored baker's twine, which gives them a rustic, homespun look. Instructions by

Wrapped Easter Eggs.

Paper Punch Eggs

Styrofoam forms provide the base for these clever, crafty eggs made by

Paper Punch Eggs, Styrofoam.

Chalkboard Easter eggs

These Easter eggs will last longer than a day. Read more on

Chalkboard Easter eggs.

Easter Rabbit Table Decorations

These cute table decorations were made by a couple of seniors at

Easter rabbit table decorations.

Handcrafted Easter Egg Baskets

These are just too cute not to try and make one. See instructions on

Handcrafted Easter Egg Baskets.

Easter Egg Vase

Another original idea is to place flowers throughout the house using glittered Easter eggs and a simple eggcup from

Easter Egg Vase.


Check out Easter projects from, like these Free Easter Printables.


More Easter Egg Crafts

Check out for even more Easter Egg Crafts.

Easter Egg Crafts.

Also, check out wonderful handmade Easter Gifts posted on this site.

Easter Gifts from iCraft Sellers

How do you plan to decorate your home this Easter? Any Easter traditions in your family?

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Mar 24, 2013 | JaJeJems

What great ideas! Brings back memories of decorating Easter eggs with my children. We learned the onion skin trick from our Yugoslavian neighbour. The variation above is beautiful!

Mar 24, 2013 | Red Rock Designs

Yes it is fun! But mine were no where near as creative as these ones!

Mar 22, 2013 | The Knitting Lady

A lot of great ideas! When I was a young girl my mom always boiled Easter eggs in a water with onion skins to make them look gold. I still do that too. Itís a natural dye. No chemicals!

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Maple Leaf
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