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Posted by: Lannie

A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
–  Dorothy Canfield Fisher

It’s the beginning of Spring and Mother’s Day is upon us once again.

How can we thank our mothers for everything they have done, and continue to do, for us? Moms make possible our very existence, they patch us up when we fall, make the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Taxi driver, handyman, chef, educator, mentor, organizer, referee, nurse, confessor,  bedtime story reader: the list goes on.

Some say commercialism has diluted and lessened the message of Mother’s Day. I say take every opportunity to honour your Mom, Granny, Bubbie, on this day and every day throughout the year.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here are some great iCraft picks for the Mom in your life.

Start the day off right with a charming Purple Flower Card from NJ Creative Cards.

Purple Flower Card from iCraft

The Butterfly Handbag Charm from elizanne will dress up Mom’s purse for every day or a special night out.

Butterfly Handbag Charm - Rose Crystal from iCraft

Mom will love these Beaded Embroidered Earrings from Neko no Yume.

Beads embroidery earrings - Kaleidoscope from iCraft

Set up Mom to take a break with her feet up. Green and White Leather Pouf from handmadepouf.

Green white leather pouf

Just because Mom deserves it – surprise her with this lovely handmade Fickle Winds–Silk Painting wall hanging from Mystic Silks.

Fine Art, Original Painting,Fickle Winds~Silk Painting, from iCraft


Does your Mom like to do needlework? Dazzle her with this spectacular challenging Olympian Rings Cross Stitch Pattern from Avalon Cross Stitch.

Olympian Rings Cross Stitch Pattern


Beauty and usefulness combine in this Treasure Chest Wooden Rustic Case with Lid from HANDMADE GROUP.

VINTAGE treasure chest Wooden storage box Rustic case with lid from iCraft

A luxurious bath brings the perfect day to a relaxing close. Honey-Apple Luxury Bath Soap from Auntie Kays Craft Garden 

Honey-Apple Luxury Bath Soap


I believe the most important gift you can give your Mom is a little bit of your time. Connect in some way no matter how far away you may be. Pick up the phone, or if you can, drop by to say hello.

May you and all the Moms you know enjoy this Mother’s Day!

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?
– Milton Berle


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May 1, 2016 | Eye of the Magpie

It's so true. Being a mother and a grandmother, the gifts I have appreciated the most from my children & grandchildren are the things they put their time into. Whether it was a handmade card or clay handprint, they sit in my china cabinet next to the crystal and Limoges.

Even now, my friends and relatives love a gift of jewelry from me. They know that it was handmade, especially for them. Yesterday, I met my 90 year-old aunt for lunch and gave a bracelet I made, for her tiny wrist, in anticipation of Mother's Day. Of course, she loved it.

Carolyn, Eye of the Magpie Jewelry

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