Can Men's Fashion Get Any More Weird?

Posted by: Maple Leaf

From man-jeggings to dresses, skirts and bizarre hats made out of wooden planks, men's fashion can be terrifyingly weird.

Below are some of the masterpieces from the Men’s Fashion week in London, in 2013.

I've never seen men look more uncomfortable or more unhappy than these three in dresses and high boots. I guess, there are not many men who could pull a look like this. :)

Seriously, for which occasion a guy would dress like a 5-year old girl?
Maybe on Halloween? But even than it would be creepy.

And then sometimes, you just feel like you want to dress like a confused grandma or a firefighter who's lost most of his clothes in a fire. :)

Who wood wear this?
There are not many occasions that call for a "burned-down building" look. So comfy and practical, huh? :)

Did someone dream of looking like a Q-tip?
Could be a safety hazarrd though, so wear it responsibly!

q-tip outfit

A model wears a creation by Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck as part of his Spring/Summer 2012 fashion collection presented in Paris.

That's what happens when you dress in the dark. :)

So what happened to the fashion that was designed to flatter the body?

Is he channeling Princess Leia? I have to say blue looks good on him. :)

I'd hide my face too, if I had to wear outfits like that. Ha ha! :)

Anyway, whatever the mood strikes you, men's fashion has an outfit for it.

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