T hink O range! C reate O range!

I n feng shui, orange is a yang (the masculine aspect of the yin-yang theory) color that provides enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration.

The Hindu culture says creativity can be promoted by balancing the sacral chakra, which is located near the body's navel, through surrounding yourself with the color orange.

Orange stimulates the mind... Read more
Once in a while I come across things that have a surprising effect on me, like the Solipsist , a visually stunning experimental short film by Andrew Thomas Huang.

After watching the video, I felt inspired, amused, and slightly disturbed. Those things crawling over girls faces were pretty awful and I still have guy's odd painted face/canvas stuck in my head.

The movie is incredibly odd and... Read more
Tech-savvy or computer-illiterate, each of us has, at some point, been involved with a project at work or in class that relies on creating a Powerpoint presentation.

We've formatted, configured, checked and double-checked, and then at the big moment when everything is supposed to go right?


Zip nada zilch, and the evening's emcee, if you happen to have one, starts telling stories in a... Read more
Most of us fond of traveling have visited London and done the prerequisite red bus tour, taking in Big Ben, Oxford Street and the The Tower of London. Those more adventurous souls may well have visited further a field, a walk by the Serpentine, The Tate Modern, Madam Tussauds, Carnaby Street. But as with any tourist experience, taking in a city authentically, and seeing in a few days the best that city has to... Read more
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