Baby, it's cold outside! Dressing kids for winter

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Its not even a winter yet, but you can already spot babies and little kids in poofy jackets, knitted scarves and cute hats. It seems like parents can't wait to bundle up their bundle of joy.

Pretty blond girl in a hat.

baby outfit

How Warm is Too Warm?

I've heard this from many parents that you should dress your kids the same way you dress yourself. So if you are putting on a hat and gloves, you should probably put those things on your kids as well.

winter baby
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One exception is babies, especially newborns. Since newborns can't regulate their own body temperature, you pretty much have to cover them up all the time to keep their temperature up. Newborns require a cotton hat on their heads even when indoors.

Baby indoors

For outdoors, especially in the winter, add a few extra layers of clothes on them. 

winter babies
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winter baby

I remember when I brought my son from hospital home in a car seat in the middle of the winter, you could hardly find him there. I had  2-3 hats on him and the same amount of blankets. I was worried he'd get overheated. The doctor at the hospital said that the best way to know for sure is by touching baby's neck. If it's warm and wet, the baby is probably hot and you should remove some layers, if not, then he is probably ok.

Baby blankets.

Once back indoors, be sure to remove extra layers promptly, as newborns are not good at cooling themselves down either.

Kids Winter Fashion

Shopping for cool winter outfits for babies and kids is now easier than ever. Just check kids fashion boards on Pinterest or sites like http://fashionkids.nu for ideas.

White baby coat.

baby boy winter fashion
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winter baby
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baby winter
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kids winter clothes

baby winter
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Or better yet, browse through cute baby and kids clothes here on iCraft. See a few I found below.

Hand Knitted Rose Pink Baby Papoose And Hat Set

Baby owl hat

Light Blue Fleece Infant Jacket and Pants Set on Sale

What are your tips for dressing kids in the winter? Where do you usually buy baby and kids clothes? Do you care about fashion or function? 

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