5 Ways to Grow on Pinterest as a Crafter

Posted by: Nicole Gibson

Pinterest is a great free way to promote your crafted products and for many is a top traffic referral to their product listings or websites.

With a little bit of time and planning and by utilizing our 5 best Pinterest tips below I am sure you will become an avid pinner as well!

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1. Join Group Boards

Joining Pinterest group boards puts your pins in front of a bigger audience and an audience in your target market. It does take some work to find some good boards for you but I suggest using this free website to find boards that would work for you. Many have an email you can send your board link to to get approval to join, or some you need to comment on one of the pins on the board to ask to join, some you may just be able to pin to freely.

Check it the website out by clicking here.

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2. Consistency

As with all social media platforms consistency is key on Pinterest, as Pinterest favours users who pin frequently and regularly, as their main goal is to keep users which means they need to have a constant flow of good content to keep users interested and for them to continue to have content to pin on their boards.

By making sure you are pinning at few times a weekly, or better yet daily, gives your pins a better chance of being seen as Pinterest will favour you over accounts that are less active!

TIP: If you make your Pinterest account into a business account you can hit the bubble that says ‘publish at a later date’, while uploading a pin, to make sure you have a consistent amount of pins going out in the week and that you don’t have to log on everyday to pin!

There is also many pay by month apps that can help you schedule your Pinterest pins out and offer other benefits such as detailed analytics.

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3. Pinterest Board Tips

Another good way to maintain consistency is to have 3-5 boards on your account to start that you pin to frequently, so these boards remain very active and so you are not overwhelmed with all the boards you need to pin to! You can always increase this number once you feel confident in the pin flow to your first couple of boards.

An easy way to decide what boards to create is to have some boards you know you can pin a lot to, say DIY beauty ideas and then also some boards relating to your product.

EX. If you sell knitted items, consider having a board of knitted inspiration, knitting patterns and then a product board where you pin your knitted items and other knitted products by other makers for sale.


4. Pinning strategy

A good rule of thumb on Pinterest is to pin 80% re pins ie. pins that are not yours.

EX. DIY easter decoration ideas, Crafting ideas.

And 20% your original pins.

EX. Your product pins or blogs you have written.

You can use the free desktop or mobile app Canva to easily make appealing long format Pinterest pins for your original pins.

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5. Use keywords in descriptions

Pinterest is a search engine, like a mini google. This is important to remember as you use the platform, because as you re-pin or pin your own content, remember to use search friendly key words in the description section of your pin.

EX. Pinning a crochet pattern for a sweater you sell on iCraft I would include at a minimum this in the description:

Easy DIY crochet sweater pattern


What is your favourite social media platform to promote your crafted products on?

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Thank you! Glad you found it helpful :)

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Thank you this was very helpful.

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