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About 27 years ago, I was introduced to Shakti Gawain’s book “Creative Visualization”. Reading it drastically changed the way I live my life. Do we really have control over our destinies just by visualizing our dreams and thinking positive, affirming thoughts? Reflecting on my own life, my answer definitely is:” Yes, we do!” I have proven it to myself many times.

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Following an inspiration, I started creating miniature dolls . Something which I would have never thought I had the patience to do has become my most cherished occupation. For me, it is the most thrilling experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive. It actually has a soul and a story to tell.

I write each babies inspirational story using many Hawaiian words, as well as following... Read more
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Hawaiian Menehunes
Pahala, HI, US

The beautiful, secluded mountains of Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii are my home. Creating Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is my passion. I was born and raised in Germany. Twenty eight years ago a coincidence caused me to move to Hawaii. I work as an educational assistant and a computer instructor at our local school in Pahala. Living in Hawaii has been my greatest inspiration and led me to many wonderful things including the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes.

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