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100% wool, distilled water, lavender essential oil

Eco-friendly dryer balls are triple felted, made of 100% new wool. Comes in a set of 4 which seems to be the magic number to soften your clothes, towels and linens. They beat your dryer load into submission.

Just place ALL 4 into your dryer with your wet clothes. They are reusable (we've used ours for more than a year and they are still fine). You can have them scent free or lavender infused. The lavender scent will last approximately one month. We'll include a little squeeze bottle of the lavender solution. Just place a few drops onto each ball making sure the solution diffuses into the ball and you are all set to go.

Save money, save the environment from all those dryer sheets ending up in landfills and all those chemicals added to the water supply.

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Eco-friendly dryer balls, reusable dryer ball, all natural dryer balls, felted dryer balls, chemical free dryer balls
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Eco-friendly Dryer Balls, Wool Dryer Balls, Chemical Free

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From LaSalle, QC, Canada

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