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Dominant Color:
Cotton wood, oak, Elm, gel ink and or colored pencils and clear polyurethane

Custom made for you, back scratchers, designed anyway you want, great gift for Father’s Day, grandparents day or for that special someone. These back scratcher’s start out from a piece of firewood we use to heat our home, I personally pick out the piece’s of wood i get from chopping kindling, from there I refine it with a smaller axe until I have a basic shape, from there I soak it in water and then shape one end into a curve, let dry this way for a couple days, I then use a grinder with a polishing wheel to remove excess wood, then I use the Palm sander to get a smooth finish, bringing out the beautiful grain of the wood, A prominent serrated end makes for a nice feel while satisfying that itch, custom made with or without a design, your choice, (this one pictured is just an example) Overall lengths will vary

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Fourth of July, Thinking of You
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Male or Female

Custom made back scratcher

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From Mesick, MI, US

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