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12 X 18 x 18 tall inches
Dominant Color:
Only Solid Oak 1-800-644-7534

A gift that is real. One that will be used, admired and remembered.

A gift that will not be made redundant by newer technology or kept in a box with the other knickknacks, but rather it will be proudly handed down to following generations as a piece of family history.
That is its reality.

Celebrate a wedding, birth, graduation, retirement or anniversary.
Can you think of another gift will they enjoy having, want to keep, and use often throughout their lifetime, and then be able to give it one of their grandchildren?

This small oak table in the casual, classic style of the English Oak period (1500-1650) has a long tradition of carved panels. For centuries the aprons of these useful and decorative benches were carved with a repeated design, initials and dates. We have borrowed from this tradition and now make these faithful reproductions. constructed only in oak, in the same way they were made 400 years ago. The legs are joined using using the traditional mortise and tenon joints with oak pins.

A small oak table to stand beside a favorite chair, a bench in the front hall for putting on your shoes, or catching your keys and gloves, or a place to display a vase of dried flowers.
This Memory Bench shown is 12" X 18" X 18" tall. (This is the same height as the seat of a standard dinning chair.)

The Memory Bench is small enough to find a place in any home yet large enough to be very useful. This virtue alone makes it an appropriate Wedding Gift for a young couple just starting out or an Anniversary gift for a retired couple with almost everything. For a child it may very well be one of the few things they own and use all of their lives.

Carving their names and wedding date or anniversary or birth date on the bench makes it a pleasant reminder of an important day in their lives. What will the future hold for this bench in the coming generations?

Consider, if your grandmother had received a bench like this on her wedding day would it hold a special place in your home today? A conversation piece that will have the curious asking, "Why are these names carved here? Who gave it to you?"

For many of our customers the Memory Bench has become their signature gift. They have come to enjoy the reaction and responses they receive in return. It gives them a great deal of joy and satisfaction knowing their gift will be practical and decorative in its new home, for many years.

The price includes the carving. This size bench will allow for 13 characters or spaces on each of the long sides and 7 on each end. Please contact us for ideas on how to arrange the carving or if you need need space for extra words. We want you to be completely satisfied with the end result.

Allow 2 weeks for the carving, making and finishing of the bench and then shipping time. We will contact you and let you (and / or the recipient ) know the shipping date and approximate arrival date.

USA shipments over $200.00 USD require an inspection by American authorities and a fee of $20.00 is included in the shipping cost for this. They do ask for your IRS number.

For shipping in Southern Ontario (an area from Windsor to Montreal to Sudbury) please choose regular shipping. Outside this area choose the expedited rate. All shipment travel ground. Call us for more information. We can help.

Traditional taxes apply in Canada.
Thanks. Mike & Debbie Reilly 1-800-644-7534

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The Carved Memory Bench

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